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Hi, this is Chris Shattuck with build a module dot com. And I'm going to tell you a little bit about hooks, give you an introduction and show you some in action. So first of all, hooks rock. They're the way that developers can tap into the power of Drupal and really use it without building a lot of their own code. And that you can.

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Mar 22, 2009. In Drupal complex tasks can be very easy. Sadly many times simple tasks can be complex. Even more often, to make a complex task simple, you have to make a simple task complex first. Such is the case with the content profile module. Note, this example uses Drupal 6. Why Do I Want Content Profile?

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Hook. User tidak pernah menyadari keberadaan konsep ini dalam Drupal, kecuali mereka adalah developer. Hook adalah metode yang digunakan Drupal agar setiap modul dapat menambahkan fungsi tertentu, dengan cara mengaitkan fungsi tertentu tersebut pada hook yang dimiliki sistem Drupal. Sebagai contoh, setiap.

2. 让匿名用户和普通登录用户都访问静态页面。 3. 让超级用户,比如durpal管理员, 不要访问静态页面,直接运行drupal动态内容。 第一步,Boost模块完全可以实现。第 二和第三步,我们用一小段代码,来标记用户是否是管理员,这样就可以在rewrite的 规则中判断是否需要返回静态页面。 首先,实现hook_user,以标记用户。

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Quá khứ (Drupal 6). Các loại dữ liệu chính: Node, User, Comment, Taxonomy term (mỗi loại dữ liệu này đều có key (hay còn gọi là property – thuộc tính) và data). Dữ liệu quản lý theo cách khác nhau, ví dụ Node có cách tương tác của node (hook_nodeapi), User có cách tương tác của user (hook_user). Truy xuất theo cách.

Drupal nám k tomu nabízí funkci hook_user() , která je volána pokaždé, když k nějaké operaci dojde. Je na programátorovi modulu, kterých událostí si bude všímat a kterých ne. Já uvedu příklad jen se 4 nejběžnějšími: přihlášení, odhlášení, založení a smazání účtu. Možných událostí je však daleko více. Můžete například.

Jan 22, 2010. This will be a page with support & hints for bloggers using the Drupal platform. Drupal can use "clean URLs" if the Path module is enabled, which would change the full URL in this example to the path would still be node/7. Usually different user. Template critical plugin type access hook user menu hack.

Sep 2, 2008. A drupal hook that gets passed all of the following: a) a giant object, or array (by reference), b) an $op variable that has more than 5 possible values, c) usually several other arbitrary variables that change depending on the value of $op. hook_nodeapi, hook_user, hook_comment are the most obvious.

Drupal ist ein freies Softwarepaket, das einem oder vielen Benutzern das einfache Veröffentlichen, Verwalten und Organisieren von sehr unterschiedlichen Inhalten auf einer Website ermöglicht.

Các module dùng các Hook để tương tác với nhân Drupal mà không cần phải chỉnh sửa trực tiếp trong nhân. Hook trong Drupal có dạng như sau: hook_user() -> mymodule_user() trong đó mymodule là tên module còn user là tên hook. Ví dụ: Khi user đăng nhập vào hệ thống Drupal, Drupal phát sinh ra hook_user(),

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Mar 6, 2013. Find out how to integrate Drupal CMS – content management framework (CMF) – with an external authentication service for web services with user registration.

5 nov. 2009. Je n'ai pas encore trop touché aux fichiers php de Drupal, donc je ne sais pas du tout où se trouvent les fichiers pour la connexion des utilisateurs. Peut-être auriez -vous une précision à m'apporter sur le fichier php à modifier ? Et qu'est-ce que vous appelez un "hook_user" ? C'est un objet user j'imagine.

hook_user()入门. 老葛的Drupal培训班Think in Drupal. 在你的模块中实现钩子 hook_user(),它可以使你能够对用户账号进行不同的操作,以及修改$user对象。让 我们看一下这个函数的签名:. function hook_user($op, &$edit, &$account, $ category = NULL). 参数$op用来描述对用户账号所进行的当前操作,它可以有多个 不同的值:.

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Oct 2, 2012. Example, if you want to assign a role to a new user when he signs up you can install http://drupal.org/project/autoassignrole module which does about 10 more things or just write one hook_user function. If you install a module for every piece of functionality soon you'll end up with a huge codebase and the.

2017年8月28日. 2. 让匿名用户和普通登录用户都访问静态页面。 3. 让超级用户,比如durpal管理员, 不要访问静态页面,直接运行drupal动态内容。 第一步,Boost模块完全可以实现。第 二和第三步,我们用一小段代码,来标记用户是否是管理员,这样就可以在rewrite的 规则中判断是否需要返回静态页面。 首先,实现hook_user,以标记.

This session will include how I used hook_user to incorporate the use of our authorization code into the Drupal registration process to affiliate new users with their school and other groups. CALI is a U.S. 501(c)(3) non-profit consortium of law schools that researches and develops computer-mediated legal instruction and.