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A South Bronx, NYC native animator, illustrator, comic book artist, writer and character designer.

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A science illustration blog made by a biology grad student. Original charts, infographics, and science animations.

Golang Blog A curated list of awesome Go frameworks, libraries and software As the company explained in a blog post, "Tenta DNS is a modern. This browser relies in turn on Tenta

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The most amazing video you’ll see today: the Tiger Woods saga, in animated form, courtesy of a foreign-language TV news station. See how things (may have) unfolded behind closed doors! Thrill as animated Elin chases down.

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Once upon a time, there was a boy who grew up working at his family’s toy store. One day, he mustered up the courage to tell his parents that he wanted to leave the.

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How many animated images can a person browse through before going cross-eyed? Challenge accepted. The Tumblr "GIF" tag is filled with enough original animated artwork to make for an eternity of scrolling, but if you want to take it to.

Monologue Blogger creates monologues and acting scripts/scenes/skits for students and seasoned actors alike to use for free for any creative

The return of David S. Pumpkins is nigh. NBC has announced a Halloween-themed animated special starring Tom Hanks’ pumpkin-suit-wearing mystery man from Saturday Night Live. Hanks and Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage are.

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MARK CHRISTIANSEN LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, United States Hi, I’m an illustrator and animation artist who has worked as a character designer, animator, character.

Animation, stills, movies, resources, and Blit.

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She is gray with white markings from her chin to her tummy, plus her paws; in fact, if she were to be named for a fictional character, "Tom" (from Tom & Jerry).

There will be plenty of surprises to come, including podcasts, in-depth interviews, and a few surprises so surprising that I hesitate to ruin the surprise (for an idea of what I’m talking about, check out Video Blog #5 &#Array; "My Scary Story").

Drupal Publish Drupal / ˈ d r uː p əl / is a free and open source content-management framework written in PHP and distributed under the GNU General Public License. Drupal. PES

Joe Cappa (director & animator) and David James (costumes & puppeteering).

The movie just missed being the biggest weekend ever for an animated movie. At $115.2 million, “Minions” passed all but “Shrek the Third” (2007, MM No. 178, 6), which took in $121.6 million its first weekend. “Minions” have evolved through.

We’ve found a brand new feature for the iPhone 8 called ‘Animoji’, which uses the 3D face sensors to create custom 3D animated emoji based on the expressions you make into the camera. Users will be able to make Animoji of unicorns,

L’eau Life began as an experiment in animating water in motion with water color. Video I wanted to get the feel of water and the emotion of being in it, while capturing the water action moments that are the most fun to draw: jumping,

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However, to make a simple animated GIF: That’s it! Once it’s done, you can upload it to Imgur, Minus, Dropbox, or any other file hosting service you prefer. Or just include them in your emails to your bosses like we here at Lifehacker do.

9. McDonald’s Szechuan sauce promo caused thousands of people to lose their freaking minds McDonald’s brought back Szechuan sauce for one day only as.

An illustrator created drawings based on what he imagined when listening to the interviews. Then an animator used moving elements, camera angles and lighting effects to bring them to life on the screen. The short animations depict.

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The untitled animated feature was scripted by David Berenbaum ("The Spiderwick Chronicles") and will be directed by Kevin Munroe ("TMNT"). According to The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision Blog, all that is really known about the.

Read More We are talking about a "press release" consisting of ten animated GIFs of the sort you might see on Reddit or in your Facebook feed. The overall theme is a rant about President Obama and whether he is going to enforce.

Hello. I’m an animator, graphic novelist, animation teacher, and very occasional blogger. This website contains my portfolio, some of my projects, and the odd.

Generations of children have fallen in love with the peace-loving protagonist of.